All our wobble boards are guaranteed indefinitely against faulty materials or workmanship. If you have a problem with one of our products, tell us and we'll fix it.

The guarantee specifically excludes damage or wear to the ball caused by using the board on an abrasive surface such as concrete, brick or stone. If the board is used on carpet or another soft surface, the wobbleboard will last forever.

The wobbleboards are handmade from natural materials, and there may be minor differences in texture and size from board to board. These will in no way affect the performance of the product.

The board may be safely used without fear of damage on surfaces such as carpet and linoleum floors. We recommend using a mat under the wobbleboard on polished wooden floors.

Our Company Ethics

We want to sell a top quality product at a fair price.

We believe that our product has huge potential benefits for a wide range of people.

If you buy a wobbleboard and training program from us, and one year later you believe there has been no benefit from the training, we will happily refund your money on return of the board and program.

We'd like to say "no questions asked", but if you do return it, we're going to want to know why it hasn't worked for you.

Enrico Hoover

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