Dear Harry

Just a few words to say thank you and to say that sometimes it’s the little things...

A few years ago I badly sprained both ankles- luckily not simultaneously but about 3 months apart. My doctor said I would have been better off if I'd broken them and to expect at least an 18 month recovery process. As a fairly active, get out there and do things kind of person being told to keep weight off it, stop running; only light walking etc – the concept was both frightening and a little boring to me.

As a qualified yoga teacher I already believed in the power of rotational exercises done at the beginning of each class and had seen these exercises to be of tremendous benefit for elderly or injured people. My injuries however meant that I couldn't participate in yoga classes as I couldn't sit cross legged or stand on either, or both, leg(s) for an extended period of time – no balancing exercises, no sitting exercises, no kneeling exercises – no yoga!

For my chosen sport of pistol shooting ankle, knee & leg strength and flexibility, is quite critical – a lot of energy passes through your body into the ground and this energy travelling through a weakened or stressed joint causes considerable discomfort. With a World Pistol Shooting Championship on the cards in 2006 it was important that I get back on track as soon as possible.

My husband decided to invest in a wobble board for me – sometimes it really is the little things that make the biggest differences. After a year of regularly using the wobble board my ankles and knees are far stronger, I recover quicker from any minor strains or sprains and I can go the range and shoot for an entire day without my ankles aching – I have even started running a whole 6 months before I should have even be thinking about it -thank you!

The wobble board has pride of place in our lounge so that each evening during ad breaks I can get on the wobble board and do my exercises. I am confident that the wobble board has also helped with my confidence, my balance and my ability to respond quicker to audible/visual start signals – an added advantage in a game of speed and accuracy.

The wobble board has also proved invaluable with eye strengthening exercises – standing on the wobble board and doing eye 'gym' to improve focus, reaction time, all round visual strength is certainly as challenge. My optometrist has been very pleasantly surprised at the speed with which I rectified an eye stigmatism, and how strong and adaptable my vision is now compared to a mere 12 months ago – again a boon for the sport of pistol shooting.

I would recommend a wobble board to ANY sports person, but especially those where visual acuity and physical strength & flexibility are required. Whether you have just suffered an injury or a stroke, or you are a Golfer, a Clay, Rifle or Target Pistol Shooter, a Hunter, a Tramper, a Tennis buff or a Yachty – get a wobble board, get on it and just do it – the exercises are very clearly laid out and you can progress and challenge yourself at a rate that suits you. The results will speak for themselves.

Georgina Torrington, NZ
World Ladies Individual Action Pistol Shooting Champion 2006

My name is Ross Macdonald, aged 68 yrs.

In May 2005 I had a total knee replacement due to advanced arthritis.

As part of my rehabilitation I used a wobbleboard and training programme from Enrico Hoover to help regain my balance and redevelop the muscles that I had lost over the years to lack of movement.

Last month I had my 12 month check up with my surgeon, Dr Ian Dingwell, and he was surprised that I had advanced as far as I have. I definitely feel that the wobbleboard played a big part in my speedy recovery, and would recommend it to anyone who has had a hip, knee or ankle surgery.


G. Ross Macdonald, NZ

Just a note to let you know that the board I ordered from you a year or so ago is being put to good use in the South Beach Gym, Virginia Beach, Va., USA. Of course most of the customers and trainers don't have a clue what a quality product they are being tortured on, but you and I do. Thanks so much for the quick delivery and the excellent product.

I would like to order another or get others to order, but alas, Americans are slow and they rely too much on the media to tell them what is good for them. Thank goodness there is a New Zealand in the world to lead us into the future.


Joel Michello, USA

In 1996 I broke my ankle very badly, and years later was still aware of having restricted movement in that joint. I haven't been able to sit cross-legged or even push off properly to dive into a swimming pool because my ankle just didn't have the flexibility. It was stiff and often painful.

A physio when I broke my ankle told me to jump up and down on a trampoline and just ignore the pain. Since my foot didn't even feel like it was attached to my leg that didn't seem very sensible to me!

I've been balancing on the wobble board for a few months now, doing it more some weeks than others, and think it is wonderful. My ankle has freed up considerably and I can now do a squat without feeling like my ankle is going to snap, and pushing off to dive simply isn't a problem anymore. On the wobble board it feels like I'm using my muscles to stretch a bit further and get a bit more flexible as a natural process, not forcing things before they are ready. It is also great because it is small enough to just keep it in the lounge and get on it during TV ad breaks.

Thanks very much - the wobble board is a great piece of equipment.

Fran, Island Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

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