As we get older most people experience a gradual physical slowing down as we reduce our activity levels, walk less, drive more, participate less, etc. This leads not only to a gradual decline in muscle tone but also reduced movement in joints and this is often aggravated by painful degenerative changes to joints, tendons, ligaments.

In order to either reverse these trends or to minimize their impact, it is essential that people stay active as they age, with the old adage of "use it or lose it" becoming more real with every passing year. A reduction in physical activity also often leads to a reduction in balance as well as loss of confidence associated with being unable to support ones self as in previous years.

A wobble board is valuable tool for elderly people wishing to maintain their balance and keep up some form of impact free exercise for the lower body.

A wobble board can be safely used by many elderly people, especially with the assistance of several friends.

An improved sense of balance will lead to a reduced likelihood of falling, and therefore less chance of breaking bones with all the associated problems that brings for elderly people. Improved balance will also lead to an improved level of self confidence which may allow the older person more freedom in choice of activity. Improvements in reflexes and coordination as well as neural activity can be expected.

The earlier you start, the more likely that use of a wobbleboard and a proprioceptive training programme will result in improvements in balance, coordination, reflexes and cognitive skills such as reading and thinking. Leave it in front of the TV and your grandchildren will also be on it often, having great fun.

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