The wobbleboard training system works in a number of ways.

Firstly, when a person attempts to balance on the board and/or perform a variety of exercises, the entire body's musculature is activated in an attempt to maintain balance. Although the muscle recruitment is only in very small movements, the result is a significant physical workout. The end result is an improvement in muscle tone, joint strength and flexibility, tendon and ligament strength and joint range of motion which improves athletic performance, decreases injury risk, etc.

Secondly, the body's balance mechanisms are enhanced by repeated physical training. Improved balance usually translates to improved confidence in physical tasks as well as (again) the reduction of injuries due to falling or slipping.

Third, once the physical demands of balancing on a wobble board can be achieved, additional proprioceptive exercise are performed whilst on the board.

The body's proprioceptive senses are improved or enhanced by placing a "training load" on them, with the end result being faster reflexes, better co-ordination, plus the already mentioned benefits of reduced injury potential, greater confidence, etc.

Fourth, the proprioceptive training can be taken one step further to enhance neurological function, and while this has the potential to benefit anyone, those people with reduced function can gain a major benefit. Improving neurological function is achieved by introducing to the physical wobble board program a series of exercises that make the neurological connections in the brain work harder than they normally would. This leads to enhanced "thought processes" and has the potential to improve certain conditions such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, etc. Latest research has shown that a proprioceptive training programme can reduce or eliminate the risk of Alzheimers or Parkinsons diseases.

The very bottom line is, training with a wobbleboard and the appropriate program is a low cost, fun way of introducing major benefits to a wide range of people.

Results are guaranteed.

Can you afford not to use this?

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