Following surgery or injury to joints, tendons and ligaments, it is now recognised by most health professionals that the earliest return to activity leads to the fastest recovery rates, with the most complete recovery being made by those individuals who are prepared to exercise the injured limb to a full range of motion utilising good sport science and physiotherapy techniques.

Following injury or surgery there is a period in which the affected part is immobilised, or at least affected by reduced range of motion, resulting in a stiffening of joint capsules, a shortening of tendons and ligaments and a loss of muscle tone. The longer the period of inactivity or reduced activity, the greater the loss of range of motion and the more pronounced the weakening of muscles, tendons etc.

Correctly designed exercise promotes increased blood flow to the injured area, increasing the nutrients available for the healing process, gradually stretching and strengthening tendons, ligaments, muscle, joint capsules etc.

A wobble board is an ideal tool to not only begin the rehabilitation process for lower body injuries but also as an ongoing training aid to enhance skills to higher levels than before the injury.

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